Lower Abdominal Workouts

Lower Abs Workout

Lower Abdominal WorkoutFitness enthusiasts always want to improve different parts of their body, especially the abdomen. The same sentiment is reflected in the amount of cut “abdomen” workouts and diets present in the world of fitness today. Thanks to the vast amount of training for the abdomen, sometimes people grow a bit ‘confused when looking for an effective workout for abs.

Finding the best workout for your abdomen is a matter of knowing how your abdominal muscles. People have to know how their work abs inside their bodies, so they can know the correct positioning and movements for the aforementioned workouts.

The abdominal muscles, as the group of muscles, all together. When each group of muscles cooperates during a workout, their movements proper construction jobs and lower abs.

An effective workout for your abdomen consists of the bicycle, abdominal exercise ball, and reverse crunches. These last abs for about 16 repetitions and repetitions from 1 to 3.

Bicycle Ab Workout

The bicycle mainly the rectus muscle of the abdomen or six-pack and oblique lines. The start of the exercise lying on your back; keep your hands behind your head. The knees to the chest, keeping the scapula from the floor; avoid putting neck strain. Turn left, keeping your right elbow to the left knee during ironing the other leg. Switch to alternate knee to repeat.

Abdominal Exercise Ball

Abdominal exercise ball begin with lying with the ball, the positioning in the lower part of the back to the sphere. Therefore, the contract your abs to lift your torso off the ball, pulling the bottom of the rib cage down to your sides. Squat keeping the ball stable; lower the rear part downwards to lengthen the abs.

Reverse Crunches Workout

The reverse abdominal crunch is another exercise with a focus on abdominal restus. The game starts immediately with lying down with your hands placed on the floor behind your head. The knees should be brought to the chest until they will not be arranged in an angle of 90 degrees, together or crossed. Start your abs hips from the floor, reaching the legs to the ceiling.
There’s a bunch of ab workouts that effectively address any part of the abdominal muscles.

In addition, most of the exercises for abdominal them not immediately get rid of unwanted belly fat. They are especially useful for strengthening the core of your body, which provides additional protection for the spine.;-)

Slowly to the starting position and complete 20 repetitions. When you can do this easily, then you can increase the difficulty, holding a light dumbbell or medicine ball in your hands as to touch your toes.

Another great abs exercise you can do from home is the reverse crunch. This is much more effective than a regular crunch that offers only a minimal range of motion. Supine position with your feet on the floor so that your knees are raised. Raise your knees to your chest, remaining on the floor, and then slowly lower your legs until your feet are just off the floor. Perform different sets of the same number of repetitions for the management.

Of course this is just the beginning of an abdominal exercise that can be performed from home. You can do everything, from all fours exercises of yoga poses such as bird dogs and various twists and lifts that will produce good results. The lack of a gym, an excuse and start producing real results from your home.

The Best 5 Minute Lower Ab Workout!

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