Right Exercises For Flat Stomach no Back Pain

Abdominal: with right exercises flat stomach and no back pain

Do not overlook some of the muscles, slowly training and proper breathing. Introduce an aerobic sport and attention to nutrition


Most people would like to have abdominal “sculpted,” as he finds himself with the so-called “turtle upside down.” Having trained and toned abs provides benefits that go far beyond the aesthetic gratification. “The proper abdominal training also benefits the back and facilitate proper posture as long as you perform the exercises by taking some precautions” adds Gianfranco Beltrami, doctor of the degree course and sports teacher in Physical Education of the University of Parma.

What are the rules to follow?
“The abdominal muscles are made up of the rectus abdominis, external obliques and internal, transverse abdominus, which are all trained. It is useful to integrate with exercises for the lower back, in order to create an “anatomical corset” that offers support and better balance. One must perform the movements correctly, to avoid overloading the column and ward off back pain. For example, attention to some exercises considered for the abs, but that really urge especially the hip flexor muscles. Unwittingly, they can cause muscle imbalances with possible negative effects on posture. You also need to breathe with the right pace, exhaling deeply during the active phase of the movement, so that the diaphragm does not impede the work of the abdominals, which are also expiratory muscles. Finally,

This also eliminates the “belly”?
“The presence of fat in the abdomen depends on several factors, from genetics. There are those who by constitution tends to accumulate fat between the skin and muscles of the abdomen and who hardly puts pounds in this area. The “bacon” also depends on hormonal factors, nutrition, lifestyle. That’s why to have well defined abs is not enough to do specific exercises, but you have to combine aerobic exercise that helps to burn excess fat. And not to waste all the work done by eating badly. The ideal is to follow a Mediterranean diet, with high consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains, fish and legumes, with little meat and little fat. ”

The workout should be done every day?
“For beginners are just three sessions a week, every other day. Those already trained, can also predict sessions every day, perhaps trying alternative exercises, for example with the Swiss ball (swiss ball). This tool (a plastic ball, ed) allows to perform abdominal exercises with an extension of movement greater than traditional exercises done on the ground, without straining the back muscles. It activates the muscles agonists and antagonists who, working in sync to rebalance the small movements of the ball, improve balance and neuromuscular activation. No coincidence that this tool was created to rehabilitation purposes: it can help those who have balance disorders, neurological or orthopedic problems. ”

No-Sit-Up Exercise to Perfect Abs, Flat Stomach


Exercise for Sexy Abs Without Back Pain

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